13 essential pool rafts you need for summer

Avocados, flamingos and pineapples, oh my!


It doesn't matter if you're spending your summer poolside or floating out on a lake for hours on end, your summer wouldn't be complete without a giant trusty raft to keep you afloat on the water. 

A simple raft would do the job, but a raft shaped like an adorable bird or your favorite oversized food is way more fun. Plus, your Instagram post of you floating on a giant avocado will surely get you tons of likes. 

Here are a few super fun rafts that you will absolutely need this summer. 

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The fact that the pit turns into a beach ball is hilarious. 



This fruity inflatable is the perfect raft for a sunny day. 


Poop emoji

This raft may be a little cheeky, but it sure will give everyone a laugh. 



Take this to the lake for a perfect afternoon of soaking up the sun. 



If a flamingo can be a raft, so can a llama. 



You can pretend you're Daenerys (before she burnt King's Landing to the ground) from "Game of Thrones" with this inflatable. 


Bacon and eggs

Hope you like them sunny-side up!



Summer wouldn't be complete without a giant slice of juicy watermelon. 



With this pool raft, you'll want more than one slice. 


A ring

This is necessary for any bachelorette party with a pool. 



You'll be looking just as fancy as this peacock when you're laying over it. 



We'll drink to that! Just don't forget the salt. 



This raft is purr-fect for your pool or on the lake. 

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