Cute, fun Halloween decorations


If you want to decorate for Halloween -- but want to focus more on cute than creepy -- take a look at some decoration ideas.

Spider candles: Create fun candles with mini pumpkins, pipe cleaners and votive candles. Carve out a mini pumpkin and place a votive candle in the center. Then take pipe cleaners and attach them to the pumpkin as the spider's legs.

Cob webbed windows: Buy packages of cob webs from your local Halloween store and spread them across your windows. You can add items into the cob webs, like spiders or bats.

Creative pumpkins: Get creative with pumpkins around your home. Consider decorating them with sequins, paint, flowers and other craft supplies to add a touch of Halloween to your home.

Friendly ghosts: Create friendly ghosts to hang around your house. You can use cheesecloth to make the ghost, and add eyes and a mouth. You can add other accessories as well, like a bow tie or glasses.

Pumpkin serving dishes: If you're throwing a Halloween party, consider using pumpkins as serving bowls. Carve out a pumpkin to use as a large soup bowl or a punch bowl.

Pumpkin centerpieces: Pumpkins also make great centerpieces. You can carve out large pumpkins and turn them into candle holders. You can also find a mixture of pumpkins in different colors and sizes and place them in a bowl. You can add leaves or flowers to complete the centerpiece.

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