Dog chases robber out of Wisconsin home

Suspect dropped packages on retreat

WDJT via CNN Wire

A couple's dog chased off a burglar at his home in Wauwatosa, Wis.

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (WDJT via CNN Wire) -- Police are looking for a man who robbed a home with the homeowners asleep inside.

It was all caught on security video.

Emily Kukuk and her husband were asleep in their home on Dec. 15, when a man came in through an unlocked door.

“He just started feeling through the house and trying to look at stuff; you can see him on video picking up everything, like he touched everything in here,” said Kukuk.

The man didn’t appear to be in a rush; he spent 20 minutes in the home.

“He actually goes through our basement for a while, comes back up, and he actually walks up our stairs,” said Kukuk.

Eventually, the family dog Oliver jumped into action.

Oliver can be seen on video coming down the stairs and taking off after the suspect.

“He’s very protective of us, but he’s the sweetest dog, he’s never gone after anyone,” said Kukuk, who said the move was a little out of character for Oliver.

“For the dog that’s scared of rain and whistles and everything else, a lot of sounds scare him,” said Kukuk, “he was so brave and he went right after him.”

The family quickly realized what was going on after checking security cameras in their home.

“All I could think of was oh my gosh, the real life Grinch, like all of our Christmas presents are gone,” she said.

But luckily, only one gift was missing. “He had gifts in his hand and when Oliver came down, he drops them and runs,” said Kukuk.

Emily said she’s more annoyed than scared about what happened.

She now makes extra sure she locks the door, and is extra thankful for Oliver.

“He knows he’s loved, and he got extra love because he’s our little hero,” she said.

The suspect got away with only gift and credit cards, but he left fingerprints all over the home and his face on camera.

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