What to bring on a fishing trip


Heading out on a fishing trip can be a fun and relaxing getaway - as long as you are prepared.

Use these suggestions for items you should bring with you on a fishing trip.

- Fishing license and registration. This is a must for you to enjoy any fishing at all.

- Rain gear. If the weather calls for rain don't be caught unprepared on the water.

- Warm clothes. If you're fishing early in the morning or late at night you might get chilly.

- First-aid kit. You want to be prepared in case there is a medical emergency on the boat.

- Scissors and pliers. You will need these for cutting line and hooks

- Sunscreen. Even if it's a cloudy day you should still apply plenty of sunscreen when out on the water.

- Water. Be sure to stay hydrated during your fishing trip

- Food and snacks. You should pack food in case you are gone longer than you expected, or in case you get hungry during your trip.

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