Meet Paul, the oldest tree kangaroo in US

Roo exceeds typical age for species in captivity

Sean Garnsworthy/Getty Images

The Matschie's tree kangaroo is native to Papua New Guinea.

A kangaroo named Paul is the oldest tree kangaroo in the U.S., The Associated Press reported.

Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence celebrated the roo's 23rd year, third month and fourth day in January, the AP reported. Paul is a Matschie's tree kangaroo, a species native to Papua New Guinea that lives to about 8 years old in the wild or 14 years old in captivity.

The zoo said Paul's the oldest male tree kangaroo it knows of, the AP reported. He walks in the footsteps of his mother, who lived to 27 at a Miami zoo.

The AP reported Paul may get his favorite treat -- sweet potatoes -- to celebrate. 

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