Teen's site matches you with shelter dog

13-year-old's survey finds perfect breed for you

A 13-year-old in Austin, Texas, has built a website designed to match you up with your perfect dog breed.

Aiden Horwitz's project at Austin Jewish Academy features a survey aimed at getting more shelter dogs adopted, according to a report from KXAN-TV.

By answering 13 questions at DogDoOrDogDont.org, you can discover which kind of dog best fits your lifestyle.

The questions range from how long your dog will be home alone each day to whether you plan to have a child in your lifetime.

"Pretty much over half the dogs that are in shelters are because people get the wrong kind of dog for their family," Aiden told KXAN.

Aiden's site will even match Austin visitors to a local dog available at the animal shelter Austin Pets Alive.

So far, Aiden has seen five dogs get adopted off her website, but she's not stopping any time soon.

"My very big goal is that there's no need for animal shelters," she said.

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