Wild goose befriends San Diego woman

Louie known to hiss, bite other humans at lake


A wild goose who is known to hiss and nip at humans has a special connection with a San Diego woman.

When Mindy Dreisewerd visits Louie the goose at Lake Miramar, he greets her and welcomes her hugs and cuddles, KUSI reported. She can even pick him up and carry him around.

Dreisewerd told KUSI she has struggled with symptoms of depression. She said Louie has provided comfort and companionship since she first met him during a particularly difficult time in her life.

"I don't have to tell him and try to explain what's going on," she told KUSI. "I think he just could sense I needed a friend, too."

Dreisewerd said Louie is known to be cranky, but he is anything but mean to her.

"It's so awesome to be loved by him," she told KUSI.

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