How to create a small wedding guest list

Be honest with those not invited


When planning a small wedding one of the biggest obstacles can be trimming your guest list. Get tips here on how to create your guest list, and how to explain to some friends and acquaintances that they will not be invited to your wedding.

According to TheKnot.com, the first thing you should do is simply be honest with your friends that you are planning a very small wedding. While of course you would love for them to share in your special day, you just can't invite everyone. You can also explain why you are opting for a small wedding, and maybe even include that it's a family-only event.

When deciding who will be on your guest list, start with you and your spouse's immediate family. TheKnot.com also recommends prioritizing guests that both you and your spouse want at the wedding. Inviting mutual friends will help cut down on the numbers. Then start thinking about your friends and loved ones who you truly want to share in your special day. Think about friends whose absence would have an impact on you. If you are on the fence about a guest, then it's best to leave them off of the list at first.