Busting fall wedding myths


If you're throwing a fall wedding sort out some myths from the facts about autumn weddings.

Bridesmaids have to wear heavy silk or satin dresses:  One myth, according to Weddings.com, is that bridesmaids have to wear really heavy dresses made of silk or satin in order to be "in season." This is false. While bridesmaids should avoid wearing something too light and summery, it is acceptable for them to wear a lighter silk material.

Groomsmen have to wear dark suits: While groomsmen should avoid colors and materials that are too summery, they are not required to wear dark, formal suits. Suits in the brown or khaki family can go nicely with fall color schemes.

Fall weddings must be indoors: If you really want an outdoor wedding, Weddings.com says that you should be able to. Just be aware of the weather conditions and prepare accordingly. If it's expected to be chilly, provide heat lamps. Also make sure you have a tent or something to provide coverage if there is rain in the forecast, and always make sure to have a Plan B.

You have to select fall foliage colors: While you don't want to choose pastels or bright summer colors, you are not limited to orange and dark brown for fall wedding colors. Purples, plums, navy blue, cream and shades of green can also work well for fall weddings.