Wedding etiquette: Who should know about engagement first?


In the days where news breaks on social media in almost real-time, it's important to obey some etiquette rules when it comes to announcing your engagement.

While you might be tempted to quickly post a picture of your engagement ring on social media as soon as you put it on your hand for the first time, there are people you need to tell first before announcing it to everyone else.

If the bride or groom has children from a previous relationship, the kids should always be the first ones notified of the engagement.

Next to know should be parents, siblings and grandparents.

After the immediate list is told, then you should personally tell close friends and other relatives.

When in doubt, error on the side of telling more people than you need to before making the announcement public. This way you will be sure not to offend anyone by letting them find out your big news on social media.