Bird scooters aren't just for rental anymore: Would you buy one?

Scooters come in 3 different colors, can be preordered for $1,299

Photo contributed by Bird.
Photo contributed by Bird.

This definitely is a different way to get around town. 

Last week, the Santa Monica-based scooter company Bird announced a new fleet of scooters that not only can be rented, but will be available for purchase. 

Named "Bird One," the scooter's battery will be twice the size of the rental version and can last four to six hours with a 30-mile range. It also boasts a faster takeoff and it's GPS-enabled, according to the company. 

The scooter will come in three colors, Jet Black, Dove White and Electric Rose. 

According to the company’s website, scooters can be preordered for $1,299.

Is this something you would try out? 

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