1 charged, 1 killed in gas station shooting

Police: Gas station clerk shoots, kills robber

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - An Exxon gas station clerk shot and killed a man who was attempting to rob him, say Hollywood Police.

Detectives say two robbers stormed the gas station off S.R. 7, near the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, just before midnight Tuesday.

Hasib Kuric, a homeless man who lives behind the building, saw the robbers putting on masks and gloves and ran inside to warn the clerk.

"I run behind that building there, inside the store. He start shooting on me three time," said Kuric. "I tell Leo lock the door and call the police, behind the building is two guys with masks."

The men followed Kuric inside and began shooting at him and Leonard Carr, a clerk. Carr fired back, shooting and killing one of the men, say police.

"He stated shooting at me first and he told me you'll never do this again," said Kuric.

"He didn't even have time to call 911. That's how fast it happened," said Hollywood Police Sgt. Pablo Vanegas. "He was prepared, multiple gun shots that were exchanged. They were coming in to do what they were going to do."

Police say the man's accomplice, Joshua Stuart, got away in a car that was parked outside.

"When he saw what happened to his friend, he ran," said Kuric.

Stuart, 19, was arrested a few blocks away. He is charged with two counts of second-degree Attempted Felony Murder, one count of second-degree Felony Murder, and one count of Armed Occupied Burglary.

The name of the other robbery suspect was not immediately released.

Kuric and Carr were not injured.

"I don't feel like hero. I just feel happy because I am still alive and my friend save his life, thank God," said Kuric. "Actually, he saved my life too because he shooting on me first."

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