1 charged after office shooting

Guadalupe Hernandez charged with attempted murder

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - One woman was charged Thursday after police said she shot at a supervisor in the parking lot of an office building in Miami Gardens.

The shooting happened at 1111 Park Centre Boulevard.

"Heated dispute, heated dispute, heated dispute between coworkers and it got out of hand," said Lance Geddes.

"The lady with the gun thought she was eventually going to get fired which it was not the case and she flipped," said security guard Eddy Hernandez.

According to police, two coworkers in one of the offices got into an argument. Hernandez said the woman's supervisor pulled into the parking lot and Guadalupe Hernandez, who was sitting with him in the lobby, ran outside and began firing at her supervisor with a .45 caliber handgun.

"She runs outside going after the lady once she parked. As soon as the other lady park, then she started discharging her gun," said Eddy Hernandez. "Then she started running inside the lobby. That's when she started screaming, 'Lupe's coming with the gun! Lupe's coming with the gun!'"

Hernandez said he and another man then stopped her.

"She was trying to click the gun back, you know, she was trying to reload while she was inside the lobby and that procedure (while) she was trying to reload, that's when the other gentleman came from behind her, grabbed the handle of the gun, and with all the handles was able to strip the gun away from her hands," said Eddy Hernandez. "Thank God, in this situation, nobody got hurt."

The supervisor wasn't injured but a bullet grazed her pant legs. Another bullet hit a SUV.

Police arrested Hernandez shortly after the shooting. She is charged with attempted murder.

The gun belongs to Raul Hernandez, her husband.

"Has she ever shot a gun before?" asked Local 10 Crime Specialist John Turchin.

"No," said Raul Hernandez. "Never."

The couple has been married for 24 years and has three adult children. Raul Hernandez said his wife is sweet and kind. He believes the fear of losing her job after seven years set her off.

"She always say it's a mean supervisor. Let me tell you. Got problems with everybody, with everybody," said Raul Hernandez.

Guadalupe Hernandez has a permit for the gun.

Both women work at the Trend Home Health Services.

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