14 teens suffer heat exhaustion at camp

Students treated, expected to be released

DAVIE, Fla. - Fourteen teenagers suffered heat exhaustion at a Junior ROTC camp in Davie, and six of them were taken to a hospital Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred at a Junior ROTC camp being held on the same site as a Boy Scouts camp at 3301 SW 142nd Ave.

Officials said six of the 14 children, ages 14-17, with heat exhaustion were taken to a hospital for treatment.

All the teens are OK, and they were all expected to be released to their parents at the hospital.

The chaperones first noticed something was wrong when the teens began feeling faint and dizzy. Those feeling dehydrated were told to sit and drink water, and paramedics were called to the camp.

"We've been out here now since last Sunday," said Col. James Armstrong, of the Broward County Public Schools JROTC program. "We were breaking up camp today, so the youngsters get pretty anxious to get all their bags together and move around. It was extremely hot. Obviously, they weren't drinking enough water, and we started seeing the heat injuries."

For the past five days, 336 high school students have participated in high adventure training, taking part in activities such as rappelling and rope and obstacle courses. Those kinds of outdoor activities require the teens to drink two canteens of water an hour. There was only one previous heat injury all week long.

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