16 indicted on drug charges

Suspects charge with distributing drugs

MIAMI - Sixteen people living in Miami-Dade County are indicted on drug conspiracy and distribution charges, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

The sixteen are accused of distributing heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and marijuana in Overtown and Liberty City. They are charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with the intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

Those charged include:

  • Chuck Wayne Boyd
  • Anthony Delancey
  • Johnny Roy Tarver
  • Andre Antonio Jackson
  • Kalin Demetrius Mareus
  • Keyon Jamor Williams
  • Kerry Bernand Williams
  • Eddie Lonso Foster, Jr.
  • Donnie Earl Mathes
  • Vashawn Chanell Thurston
  • Richard Eugene Young, Jr.
  • Esmane Lucdor
  • Julius Waco Wade
  • Miguel Angel Ortiz
  • Anthony Donnell Rose
  • and, Teshon Renee Yarbough

"Today, we announce the results of the most recent partnership between federal and local law enforcement to combat violent crime in our communities. This indictment will undoubtedly reduce the level of crime in the Overtown and Liberty City areas of Miami, as we have effectively removed from those communities sixteen violent and notorious drug traffickers that had been entrenched in the area," said U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer. "Federal law provides stiff penalties for narcotics traffickers and career offenders. Through the Overtown and Liberty City Violence Reduction Partnerships, we stand committed to reducing street violence and narcotics trafficking, with the goal of helping to make our communities safer."

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"Today's arrests and indictment have disrupted and struck a serious blow to violent drug trafficking organizations in the Liberty City and Overtown area of Miami," said Timothy P. Donovan, Assistant Special Agent in Charge from FBI's Miami Division. "Our success in this ongoing investigation is the direct result of the exceptional cooperation among the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies."

"I am pleased with our united efforts to stop the illegal drug activity in our neighborhoods," said Miami Police Department Chief Manuel Orosa. "These defendants preyed on the residents of Liberty City and Overtown, and must now face justice for their crimes."

"Due to the teamwork between our local and federal agencies, this community continues to benefit from the successful arrests and prosecutions of intricate investigations such as this one. These cases take time and dedication, and to see the results of today's indictment, is a testament to all of our agencies and the commitment we have made to making an impact on violent crime in our community," said J.D. Patterson, Acting Director of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The two-year multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigation into Boyd's alleged cocaine trafficking network was the result of the cooperative investigative efforts of seven different law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, ICE-HSI, DEA, the City of Miami Police Department, the Miami Dade Police Department, and the City of Hialeah Police Department. In October 2011, these separate investigations were merged into a single operation under the auspices of the USAO's Overtown and Liberty City Violence Reduction Partnerships, resulting in the charges. 

If convicted of the charges, Young, Lucdor, Rose, and Yarbough face a possible maximum sentence of up to twenty years in prison. The remaining twelve face a possible maximum sentence of up to forty years in prison. 

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