1st female student graduates to body shop

Joselyn Marrero graduates from Braman Automotive Training Center

MIAMI - The first female student graduates from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Braman Motors' advanced automotive training program.

"It is a great paying job with good benefits," said Joselyn Marrero.

Marrero also landed a job in a body shop after graduating.

"I know everybody looked at me like I was crazy because I was a female but there are no limits for what you want to do," she said. "They treat me good. They respect me and they didn't just give me little work because I was a female. They actually tried to give me things to see if I could accomplish it, to see how I would attack it."

Classes are held at the dealership and after learning in the lab, students go into the shop and work on cars.

"On a daily basis, they get to see what it actually takes to work in this industry firsthand," said instructor Richard Lotito. "They will work in the parts department. They will work in the body shop. They will work alongside the technicians."

Marrero said she has loved cars since she was a child.

"Every since I was a little girl, my dad always took me along with him to fix cars," she added.

Marrero works in the paint department at Braman Motors.

"She is going to work out just fine," said Elvis Smith. "A very ambitious lady and eager to learn."

"Joselyn holds her own," added Lotito. "You might want to call her a trailblazer or a trend setter, but she is comfortable in this environment and she does a great job and it is recognized."

The first 20 graduates of the program all found jobs in the industry.

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