2 charged with running prostitution service

Denise McCoy, Sara Marin accused of using Sara's Entertainment to provide escorts for prostitution

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Two women, including the wife of a Boca Raton Police officer, are charged with running a prostitution service.

Denise McCoy, 34, and Sara Marin, 42, are charged with deriving proceeds for prostitution and money laundering. Both were arrested Thursday, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

McCoy and Marin manage and own Sara's Entertainment, which investigators say provides escorts for prostitution. The FDLE believe six escorts work for the company. One of the women, an illegal immigrant, tipped off police, saying she was repeatedly blackmailed by her bosses to perform sexual acts on male clients.

The FDLE executed search warrants at two apartments rented by Sara's Entertainment and at the homes of McCoy and Marin. Investigators didn't say what was found or what they were looking for at the locations.

McCoy is the wife of a Boca Raton Police officer Samuel McCoy, who has been placed on paid administrative leave.

It's McCoy's third suspension in two years. He was previously suspended for viewing pornography on his work computer and also for taking inappropriate photographs of himself, according to records.

Neighbors said all seemed normal at the McCoy home until detectives arrived there earlier this week.

"I just wave. I really don't know that much about them," said one neighbor, who added Denise McCoy was led out of her house in handcuffs.

"She said I work for my girlfriend and what I do is I answer the phones and I do office work and I write her checks," said another neighbor. "I never saw her with a briefcase, but she'd get in her car in the garage."

McCoy and Marin are both being held on $50,000 bond at the Palm Beach County Jail.

More arrests and charges are expected following the five-month investigation.

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