2 South Florida companies now hiring

Flexoffers.com, Armchem International seek employees

MIAMI - Attention all techies: A South Florida company is looking for employees with a knack for computer programming. 

A downtown high-rise is the home to Flexoffers.com. 

"Basically, it's an affiliate marketing network when we bring advertisers and publishers together," said Flexoffers.com CEO Alexander Daskaloff. 

Flexoffers.com is a 5-year-old ad agency for the Internet that is growing and needs more help. 

"Our industry is pretty hot right now. It's been hot since earlier this year. It's taking off. The banks are very aggressive in credit card acquisitions, and that happens to be our forte," Daskaloff said. 

Daskaloff said he's looking to hire 30 to 40 more people in the next six months. He needs people for data entry, accounting, editorial and tech positions, but the techies must be qualified. 

For more information, visit Flexoffers.com.

"We are a tech company, so we know what we're looking for -- senior programmers, junior level that really know what they can do and within a few weeks are off and building the projects," said Daskaloff. 

Another South Florida company, Armchem International, is also looking for some workers. 

"Anything that has to do with safety and cleanliness and hygiene in the work environment --  that's what we do. We supply those products," said Andy Brahms, of Armchem International. 

Brahms started the business in the 1980s and has watched it grow, and now he needs more help. Over the next year, he hopes to bring on 50 to 80 new hires. 

"The person would be on the phone, whether they are selling (to) existing customers or creating new ones in field training," Brahms said. 

A job fair for Armchem International is being held Thursday in Fort Lauderdale at the Armchem Plaza at 3569 NW 53rd Court from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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