Clucking Chickens In Hollywood Yard Prompt Lawsuit

Owner Says Chickens Are Not A Nuisance

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A couple living in an upscale area of Hollywood have filed a lawsuit to have their neighbors' 15 chickens removed, saying the birds are loud and smelly.

Grant and Sandra Einhorn have filed a civil suit and asked a judge to order their neighbors, the Kohn family, to remove the chickens from their back yard.


Sandra Einhorn said there is no peace.

"They cluck starting in the morning it is on and off throughout the day," she told Local 10's Jeff Weinsier. "We have feathers in our pool, and when it's hot out, it smells like a farm."

Sandra Einhorn provided Local 10 with pictures and video that show chickens on her property and on a fence that separates the houses. In the video, chickens could be heard clearly clucking from the Einhorns' back yard.

Broward Circuit Judge Michele Towbin-Singer went to the homes last week to see how bad the situation is before making a decision.

"The judge was here for an hour and a half and heard nothing from either side. There is no nuisance," said Steve Kohn, who owns the chickens.

Kohn called his chickens family pets.

"They are beloved pets and a way for my children to gain responsibility and care for them. They are a source of fertilizer and fresh eggs," he said.

The Einhorns and Kohns live in the upscale Emerald Hills section of Hollywood.

Hollywood does have an ordinance prohibiting fowl and poultry in residential neighborhoods, and the Kohns face fines of $250 a day, which have added up to $146,000.

"It's definitely unbearable. I can't live like this, and to be honest with you, there is no reason why I should live like this," Sandra Einhorn said.

The judge has yet to issue an order on the injunction to have the chickens removed.

"People should live and let live and mind their own business," Kohn said.