Robbery Victim On Phone: He's Got A Gun To My Head

More Details In Check-Cashing Shootings Released

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – More details came to light Wednesday in the robbery and fatal shooting of a check-cashing store clerk and the subsequent police shootout that left the suspect and a bystander injured Tuesday.

The Broward County sheriff and the lead detective on the case called the fatal shooting of Claire Geffrard, 25, an execution.

According to the arrest report, Stanley Beasley, 33, of Lauderhill, targeted Geffrard, followed her into a parking lot and demanded she let him into the check-cashing store at 2927 W. Sunrise Blvd. where she worked.

Geffrard was on the phone with another employee at the time of the incident. According to the report, the line suddenly went dead.

The other employee called police, then tried to call Geffrard back. Geffrard told the employee, "Tell police to leave. He's got a gun to my head."

Police said Geffrard led Beasley into the safe, and he shot her in the head anyway.

"After he shot the victim, that's when he made a mad dash out of the store and shot at our deputies," said Louie Rivera, of BSO.

Deputies returned fire, shooting Beasley before the SWAT team moved into the store. A bystander who was across the street also was shot. It is unclear whether he was shot by Beasley or by deputies returning fire.

Beasley faces charges of first-degree murder, armed kidnapping, armed robbery and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.