Thief ransacks home, steals precious pet

Miami Beach Police find dog missing from Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A five year old Yorkie that disappeared during home burglary last week has been reunited with his owner.

The dogs name is Leo and if he could talk he could answers a lot of questions, like who broke into his owner's apartment on Friday and how he ended up on Miami Beach over the holiday weekend.

"It was like a Christmas miracle", said Leo's owner, Anita MacLannen.

It's been a memorable few days for MacLannen. She came home from Christmas shopping Friday afternoon to find her apartment ransacked. Her TV and jewelry box were missing and so was her best friend, Leo.

MacLannen pleaded with the public Friday night, posted flyers in the neighborhood and offered a $2,000 reward. Then Saturday night she got a call from police, saying her dog had been found on Miami Beach. He was picked up on the street by an officer who saw his picture on the news.

"I went to the police department and I was waiting outside the car pulled up and I saw Leo. And what I was jumping around", MacLannen said.

It's unclear how Leo ended up so far away. It is unclear if the thieves dumped him there or if he wandered away after the break in and got picked up by a stranger who then turned him loose on the beach.

MacLannen says she doesn't really care about how he got there, she's just glad she's got him back.

"A lot of people who lose their pets, they never get them back, so I was feeling very blessed," MacLannen said.