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Cyclists, officials discuss bike safety

Death on Rickenbacker Causeway prompts meeting

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MIAMI – Bicycle safety on the Rickenbacker Causeway was the topic of discussion Wednesday at a meeting organized by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez after a fatal hit-and-run involving a cyclist. 

More than 75 people packed the meeting to hear from elected officials regarding bike safety issues on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Cyclist Lauren Blandon did not know Aaron Cohen, the cyclist and father of two who died earlier this month after being hit by a vehicle while riding his bike on the Causeway.

"I was devastated that we are going through this again. As a cyclist, this was a huge loss," Blandon said.

For Blandon and other cyclists, his death created a sense of urgency, and they said change needs to happen now. 

At Wednesday's meeting, dozens of elected officials gathered to hear from cyclists in the hope of creating a clear list of solutions for issues facing cyclists and motorists who struggle to share the roadways. 

A few of the suggestions included reducing the speed limit on the Causeway, installing traffic management devices, including electronic surveillance, considering installing rubber cones or corrugated surfaces to alert motorists drifting into the bike lanes, and increasing the police presence.

County officials said they would meet again to review the suggestions.