Roy Black outdoes himself in Goodman trial

Local 10's Terrell Forney is covering the DUI-manslaughter trial of wealthy Palm Beacher John Goodman today. It's an interesting television story but the farfetched story told at opening statements by defense attorney Roy Black is one for the books.

The Polo-loving Goodman racked up a $212 bar tab at the Players Club just before the crash and witnesses say he was drinking there before before his black Bentley plowed through a stop sign and into a car driven by 23-year-old Scott Wilson, killing him.

Yet Black said in his opening statement that Goodman was completely sober at the time of the crash. He told the jury that Goodman's high-performance car malfunctioned to cause it to run the stop sign. 

Incredible, huh? But that's not even the best part. Goodman's blood was tested for alcohol three hours after the crash and it showed he had a blood-alcohol level at more than twice the legal limit. That finishes off the case right? Nope, Black said. He claimed that Goodman was knocked out in the crash, didn't know that another car was involved, and woke up in pain. So what did he do? Why of course he walked to a polo player's barn in the area and drank there to treat the pain.  So he only started drinking after the crash. 

I would say that Roy Black should write fiction, but nobody would believe it.