New details emerge in face eating case

Witnesses describe suspect before attack


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – New developments came out Friday about a man shot by police after they said he chewed on another man's face. 

A blue Chevrolet Impala was sticking out in the street in front of a school and drawing attention Tuesday. 

"(It) kind of sticked out in the road funny a little bit like that," said Erik Seichrist, of the Miami Ad School, who spotted the car. "So, I just called parking enforcement." 

Police finally connected the car to Rudy Eugene, 31, a man fatally shot by a police officer Saturday on the MacArthur Causeway after police said he bit the face of Ronald Poppo, 65, during a fight.  Poppo was hospitalized after the attack. 

Investigators believe Eugene left the car behind about 6 a.m. Saturday before walking across the Causeway. 

Eugene was caught on surveillance video at the Miami Ad School.

"You can see him getting out of the car," Seichrist said. 

The couple who manages the school said that in the video, right away it appears something was wrong. 

"You can actually see the car smoking," Seichrist said. 

"You can see when he pulls in that the smoke's coming out of the engine, like the radiator overheated or something like that," said Seichrist's wife, Cheryl Seichrist. 

With the car broken down and about to be abandoned, the couple said Eugene was seen changing clothes with another man before walking away. 

"They seemed fine," Cheryl Seichrist said. "On the tape, they seemed fine." 

But hours later, about 2 p.m., Eugene ended up on the MacArthur Causeway in what has been described as a cannibalistic attack. 

"I think it's weird as hell," Erik Seichrist said. 

What happened between the site of the car and the site of the fight remains unclear. 

"I feel sorry for the guy in the hospital," Erik Seichrist said.