More cops in trouble

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One Broward sheriff's deputy, Christian Benenati, gets nabbed in his own department's prostitution sting and Scott Rothstein is implicating a so-far unnamed cop in one of the Ponzi schemer's more outlandish capers. 

That's just law enforcement news from the last 24 hours (the latter item courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel). Last week a BSO lieutenant named Eric Wright was charged with defrauding his own agency for working a special detail while he was supposed to be on official duty. A couple days before that yet another BSO deputy, Brent Woodell, already under house arrest on charges he stole drug money from a case, had his bond revoked after taking off his ankle monitor and visiting a strip club. That's Wooddell pictured above.  

Two weeks ago, three Fort Lauderdale cops, members of the notorious "Northwest Raiders" street unit named , were charged with lying about what happened the night they beat up a suspected thief.  Before that, two other members of that unit, Brian Koepke and Billy Dodge, were charged with kidnapping and shaking down drug suspects.

Last month, another BSO deputy, Anthony Costanzo, was charged with witness tampering in the original Northwest Raiders case involving Koepke and Dodge. 

And now a Fort Lauderdale police captain, Rick Maglione, has been accused by the Public Defenders Office of basically covering up the arrest of another FLPD cop, Gerald Fuller, that occurred in New York in 2009. That one's being reported by the Broward Bulldog. 

Am I forgetting anyone or is that enough for now? This is whole lot of outrageous behavior by a whole lot of our so-called finest. Don't get me wrong, there's a large number of great and dedicated cops out there. We can't forget that. But the sheer volume of law enforcement being charged with crimes is becoming staggering. The good news is that they are actually getting prosecuted these days.