Families remember Jumbo's crash victims

2 killed in crash


MIAMI – Family members remembered two men who were killed when a SUV hit two parked cars outside a Liberty City restaurant.

Wilton Harris, a pastor at St. Barnabus William Church, and Al Johamlin, a deacon, were both killed.

Family members said the men were friends who often ate dinner together.

Miami police said a driver of a SUV lost control, hit two parked cars, sending one of those parked cars into Jumbo's Restaurant on Saturday night.

Harris and Johamlin were standing on the sidewalk when they were hit.

"No one can imagine. This is just like your breath being snatched away from you," said Renee Harris, Wilton Harris' wife. "I was screaming to the top of my lungs."

She said she rushed to the restaurant after hearing he was hit.

"I know God led my vehicle down there.  I got in my car and I knew I had to be with my husband," said Harris.

Eleven people were inside the restaurant at the time of the crash. None of them were injured.

On Sunday, workers finished putting up boards to cover the windows and walls damaged in the crash.