Teen charged in University of Florida student's disappearance gets $100K bond

Search continues for Christian Aguilar; Pedro Bravo charged in case


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A judge in Gainesville issued the teenager charged in connection with the disappearance of a University of Florida student a $100,000 bond on Tuesday morning.

Pedro Bravo is charged with Depriving a Victim of Medical Care, a third-degree felony. The charge stems from the disappearance of Christian Aguilar, who was last seen Thursday.

If Bravo bonds out, he will have to wear an ankle monitor. Bravo, who attended Doral Academy Preparatory School with Aguilar, will be allowed to leave Alachua County and go home to Miami. Bravo, however, will not be allowed to leave the country.

During Bravo's bond hearing, Aguilar's mother pleaded with him for information about her son.

"The only thing we ask of him is one clue, one address, any place where he remembers where is my son. We are not asking for anymore," said Claudio Aguilar.

According to investigators, Aguilar and Bravo got into a fight on Thursday. Bravo told police he beat Aguilar up and left him by a field on the UF campus, but has not said much since, according to detectives in Gainesville.

Bravo's family, who was also in court, volunteered to aid with the search on Wednesday. The two fathers have also been in touch since Aguilar's disappearance.

"I've been talking to Pedro's dad and the communication is open and we hope that we start getting information from him so they can lead to my son," said Carlos Aguilar, Christian's father. "That is the hope. That is everything that I need."

Since the weekend, Aguilar's father, brother, and girlfriend have been helping with the search.

Erika Friman, Aguilar's girlfriend who attends community college in Gainesville, told Local 10's Glenna Milberg the two were close friends throughout high school.

"I'm very hurt by this whole situation, that something like this would even happen. I knew both of them throughout high school and they were both very -- they were good friends, they would make jokes and everything," said Friman.

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Search continues for Aguilar

On Tuesday, police searched eight wooded areas in and around Gainesville. Police have concentrated search efforts on the signal from Aguilar's cellphone, but pinpointing it hasn't been easy.

"We have some data that's kind of showing us where the two were in the city, but the thing is, it's all over the city," said Tobias. "So, trying to find an actual starting point of where to focus a real detailed search is a little difficult."

Police said Aguilar's cellphone has turned off and on several times in different wooded areas since Thursday.

Surveillance video from a Best Buy in Gainesville showed Bravo and Aguilar together about 3 p.m. Thursday. Police said the two spent much of the day together.

Sweetwater police officers and Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies were assisting in the search.

Classmates detail teens' relationship

Former classmates at Doral Academy Preparatory School said Bravo, Aguilar, and Friman have been friends since high school.

"They've been friends for a really long time," said Alison Cuvichos, a friend of Aguilar.

VIDEO: Teens have been friends since high school

Bravo and Friman dated while in high school. Classmates said the pair broke up about when they graduated.

Aguilar, Bravo, and Friman then moved to Gainesville. Bravo and Friman both attend community college in Gainesville.

"Pedro and Erika, they were going out. They ended their relationship and then, just, Chris got involved," said Cuvichos.

Teachers, students help with search

Several teachers, students, and the principal of Doral Academy have since headed to Gainesville to help with the search.

Students have also created an online campaign to help from South Florida, including a hashtag on Twitter and a Facebook page.

Nearly 200 people also gathered at Miami's North Trail park Tuesday night to hold a prayer vigil for Aguilar.

Their signs said it all: "Chris come home."

"We all gather at this time as a family praying that Chris is going to come back," said Melina Munoz, Doral Academy parent.

"Everyone talk about them saying they were great people, all three of them," said Mariana Hurtado, Doral Academy student.