Miami-Dade School Board talks $1.2B bond at Hialeah Senior High School

Bond issue on November ballot


HIALEAH, Fla. – Miami-Dade School Board members took a tour of Hialeah Senior High School, a school they said could be helped if voters pass a $1.2 billion bond referendum in November.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho and the school's principal led the tour Tuesday, pointing out leaky ceilings and cracks in the walls.

"We can no longer expect a zip code to determine the quality of build or the quality of the education that we have our children," said Carvalho. "So this bond referendum provides both -- the physical infrastructure as well as the technology that our students and teachers need to be effective participants in tomorrow's economy."

So far, 280 schools have been earmarked to be replaced or repaired. The bond will pay for air conditioning repair; restroom plumbing; window repair and replacement; fire alarm enhancement; and, security and surveillance improvements.