American Airlines grounds flights over loose seats

Grounded 757s expected to back in air Saturday

MIAMI – Passengers are still dealing with cancelled flights at Miami International Airport as a result of seats becoming loose on American Airlines flights.

The carrier grounded half its fleet of 757s earlier this week in order to make the necessary repairs.

American Airlines says spilled coffee and soda on saddle hinges caused the rows of seats onboard at least four flights to become loose and flip over.

"I need to reschedule my flight," said Pedro Carballo.

The airline cancelled his flight to New York City on Friday morning. The move caused Carballo to miss a a job interview.

"I'm done with them. I'm handing in my American Advantage miles," Carballo added.

Passengers were also stranded at MIA because of an issue with pilots. Raquel Caysido's flight to Orlando was cancelled because of the mix up.

"It's frustrating. I'm here early and I want to get out," Caysido said.

Andrea Huguely, a spokeswoman for American Airlines, issued a statement Friday, saying: "By Saturday, Oct. 6, we plan to have all 48 of our Boeing 757s back in service. We have identified the issue, and our maintenance teams are securing an FAA-approved locking mechanism to ensure no seat can be dislodged. As of noon CT today, repairs are complete on 42 of the 48 affected aircraft and the airline is no longer impacted by this process."