Catering company feeds thousands at debate

Chef: Stuffed chicken on Monday's menu


BOCA RATON, Fla. – If there's one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on this election year, it's food.

Sharon Shortt knows that. She is the Vice President of San Francisco Puffs & Stuff, a 30-year-old Fort Lauderdale catering company. It was picked by Lynn University to feed just about everyone in the days surrounding the presidential debate.

President Obama, Mitt Romney, campaign staff, media, Secret Service, behind-the scenes crews, and even debate moderator Bob Schieffer will need to be fed.

"Each network has a menu. Secret Service has a menu," Shortt said.

Late Sunday, chef Mike Morris was preparing hundreds of chicken breasts to feed the men and women who built the debate stage.

"Right now I'm just doing the beginning stages of a stuffed chicken we are serving tomorrow. We're going to marinate it with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper," Morris said.

Puffs and Stuff estimates they will prepare food for approximately 4,000 people. They are in the process of making entrees for dinners, breakfasts for morning news crews, and already opened a pop-up deli on Lynn's campus for anyone who wants a sandwich. However, Shortt said their specialty is baked goods.

"Cookies are kind of a special thing for us. Everybody likes cookies...they cross the party lines," she said.

Security guard Larry Nichols was enjoying the cuisine on his dinner break. He said he can't work on an empty stomach; it's a matter of safety.

"Absolutely. Not only security, but the well-being of everyone here," Nichols said as he polished off a piece of pound cake.

No one is likely to go hungry.

"No! We'll guarantee it," Shortt said.