Hurricane Sandy leaves mess along Fort Lauderdale Beach

Cleanup continues after storm

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Hurricane Sandy lived up to her name, burying four lanes of A1A in Fort Lauderdale in sand and forcing the closure of the highly traveled roadway.

The sand was so deep, it took an armada of city workers to clean it up.

This bucket tractor operator was at it all day and lost track of how much sand he had scooped up.

One cyclist had to take a detour on his morning ride.

"It is pretty crazy," Nick Catalano told Local 10's Todd Tongen. "The road is flooded and you know there is a lot of sand, so you have to be careful, especially on a bike like this."

"It just cut off," Richard Blancher said.

Blancher was on his way to work when he drove right into the standing water and his car stalled.

"It is annoying. It is a lot of cleanup," said Sabrina Brawdy.

Meanwhile, restaurants along the touristy thoroughfare also had to deal with the aftermath as well.

"It brings all the sand from out here up here," Brawdy said as she cleaned up the sidewalk. "It keeps raining and it gets wet and just sticks. So even though it is still windy, it is not going anywhere."

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