Did missing millionaire escape to Netherlands?

New evidence emerges in Guma Aguiar case, attorney says

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Missing Fort Lauderdale millionaire Guma Aguiar could be hiding in the Netherlands, according to his wife's attorney.

Willliam Scherer, Jaimie Aguiar's attorney, told Local 10 new information shows Aguiar's sister, Angelika, is either planning to move to the Netherlands or is already living there. A close business partner of Aguiar also lives there, Scherer said.

"We want to know, what's up?" said Scherer. "Angelika filed a paper that said she was either intending to or residing in the Netherlands and had a Netherlands official attest to her affidavit. And that struck us as strange. Why the Netherlands? And then we find out that one of Guma's close business associates has also relocated to the Netherlands."

Video captured on July 19th, the day Aguiar vanished, shows the man leaving his Rio Vista home -- and along with it, his wife, four kids and $100 million fortune. He headed out to sea in rough waters in his 31 foot boat, authorities said.

Hours later, the boat turned up on Fort Lauderdale Beach near Las Olas Boulevard. The engines were running and the millionaire's personal effects were still on board, but Aguiar was nowhere to be found.

Investigators have said they don't suspect foul play in the suspicious disappearance. Meanwhile, Aguiar's family members have said he may have faked his own death.

"I mean, Jaimie's hopeful that her husband is still alive," Scherer said. She grasps at everything."

Aguiar's wife and mother have filed lawsuits against each other in a fight for control of the estate, which including properties in Israel allegedly willed to Aguiar's mom and sisters.

Scherer said the sisters have avoided being served subpoenas to give depositions in the case.

"And we want to talk to them number one about what they know about Guma's disappearance," said Scherer.

The Coast Guard's search for Aguiar found nothing, but Scherer said the millionaire's wife will continue the search for him, regardless of whether he's dead or alive.