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Jury awards woman $5.7M in car wash death

Trinard Snell shot, killed in 2009

MIAMI – A jury awarded a woman $5.7 million after her son was shot and killed while working at a gas station in 2009.

"I'm satisfied that I received justice. Again, I don't want this to happen to another family," said Zoreta Snell.

In 2009, Zoreta Snell's 24-year-old son Trinard opened up a car wash at the Valero gas station off NW 71st Street and 27th Ave.

But despite a history of violence, the operator did nothing to protect or warn Trinard of the danger, said attorney Michael Haggard.

"To put it simple, he was a sitting duck. He was put in the line of fire by a gasoline station operator," said Haggard.

"Here you are making money, the least you can do is provide proper security," said Snell.

In June, Trinard Snell was robbed and killed. Three years later, Zoreta sat with a team of lawyers after she took Family Food Service Corp. to court and won, claiming they did nothing to protect her son, a father of two.

"I can't bring back my son, but I can do the best I can and show my grandchildren love. That's what we've been doing," said Snell.

Snell's lawyers says the alleged gunman was caught and awaits trial. The Valero gas station is under new management since the murder.