Dating website connects travelers at airports connects users waiting for flights

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A dating website is helping people connect while they wait for their flights at the airport. hopes to take the turbulence out of dating by helping users find other people who are waiting for a flight.

Steven Pasternack created the site to alleviate boredom.

"I was sitting at the airport one day and it was a delayed flight and I'm sitting around bored and I noticed people were sitting around bored also, so they were going to the bars and just looking for something to do, so I thought wouldn't it be nice to have somebody to talk to," said Pasternack. is free to register. Users create a profile, fill out their interests, find their departing airport, and are connected with other users.  

You can send the ones that look interesting to you a message to see if they want to meet.

Pasternack said he created the site for a variety of uses, not simply for people looking for love.

"It could be for anything. It could be for networking, for business, just somebody to chat with to pass the time. It could be for a romance," said Pasternack.

Silvia Cermenchii travels often and admitted boredom brought her to the website.

"I'm bored at the airport and there is only so long I can sit on my phone and tablet," said Cermenchii.

Cermenchii said she had one coffee date already, calling it a date without any pressure.

"It's like meeting a friend of yours, catching up, that kind of thing and that's it. If something happens afterwards, then great. If not, that's fine, too," said Cermenchii.

There weren't any sparks this time, but Cermenchii said she's looking forward to trying the site out again for her next trip.