Air France, Aerolinas Argentinas Airlines jets touch on taxiway

Hundreds of passengers evacuated, forced to board different flights

PHOTO: Plane clipped at MIA after it and another aircraft collided.
PHOTO: Plane clipped at MIA after it and another aircraft collided.

MIAMI – Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines flight #1304 with 240 people on board had just arrived at Miami International Airport from Buenos Aires when it clipped Air France flight #695, which was departing for Paris Thursday afternoon, MIA officials said.

The planes clipped on the taxiway leading out to the runway at about 5:45 p.m. Thursday.

"A big noise! And the plane shook," said passenger Veronica Ramundo.

Air France was at the gate at getting hundreds of passengers on board.

That's when passengers say they felt the plane shake.

Officials say an Aerolíneas Argentinas plane that had just landed somehow clipped the back of the Air France jet with its wing.

"Then the captain said that we were hit by another plane," passenger Joras Lopez said.

Air France quickly evacuated the plane at the gate.

It took hours to get the 240 Aerolíneas Argentinea passengers off their plane.

"Accidents happen. It's just one of those things," said another passenger.

No one was hurt on either plane.

Both planes were grounded for an investigation.

This is the second time that two airplanes have clipped at a South Florida airport in just the last two weeks.

On New Year's Eve, a Sprit Airlines jet had just landed at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport from Atlanta when it clipped the tail of an U.S. Airways plane that was parked in a remote area away from the terminal.

No one was hurt in that incident.

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