Dr. King's son to serve as keynote speaker

Martin Luther King III speaking at YMCA of Broward County Inspirational Breakfast

MIAMI – This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest speeches ever delivered: the "I Have a Dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

Fifty years ago, King's speech marked a high point for the Civil Rights' movement.

Now his three surviving children are carrying on their father's work for equal rights for all people.

Martin Luther King III, Dr. King's eldest son, was only five years old when his father stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to share his dream with 200,000 people.

Now Martin Luther King III is in South Florida, where he will serve as the keynote speaker for the YMCA of Broward County Inspirational Breakfast on Friday. The event was named in honor of Dr. King.

Dr. King was a member of the Butler Street YMCA in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent hours with his family.

Our own Local 10's Calvin Hughes met Martin Luther King III and his sister, Bernice, in the 1990s.

Later, in 2007, Hughes interviewed their oldest sibling, Yolanda King, in Jacksonville. It was one of her final interviews on television, as she died of a heart attack two months later.

Hughes also met Coretta Scott King, widow of Dr. King. She told Hughes she made Dr. King wait for six agonizing months before she accepted his marriage proposal.

If alive today, Dr. King would be 84 years old.