Sheriff Al Lamberti's parting shot

Outgoing sheriff takes generous payout as he leaves office


Broward County voters who chose not to re-elect Sheriff al Lamberti had no way to predict how much he would cost them as he left office.

Lamberti's parting shot? A generous payout to himself and his top lieutenants, even as he cut pay to rank-and-file officers. 

As Local 10's Bob Norman reported this week, Lamberti dispensed to his top lieutenants almost $5 million in unused sick and vacation pay. He took some $56,000 for himself. He handed just one of his colonels $344,000.

Lamberti says he had the discretion to give his guys 100 percent of their unused sick time.

But records show reality: Officers typically lose three out of four of those days as they retire. So much for leaving with dignity.

Lamberti did a golden parachute grab at taxpayers' expense.

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