Ten words to use more often

Wayne State University releases useful words list


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Wayne State University has released its fifth annual list of the top 10 words that should be used more often.

According to their website, the list is referred to as Wayne State's Word Warriors series and it promotes words they believe are worthy of being brought back into common conversation and prose.

The words are:

1. Buncombe: Rubbish or nonsense
2. Cerulean: The color of the sky
3. Chelonian: Like a turtle
4. Dragoon: To force someone to do something they'd rather not.
5. Fantods: Extreme anxiety or distress
6. Mawkish: Excessively sentimental or sappy
7. Natter: To talk aimlessly
8. Persiflage: Banter or frivolous talk
9. Troglodyte: A cave-dweller
10. Winkle: To pry out or extract