Videos capture 2 ATM burglaries

Men steal 1 ATM, try to steal another from North Miami convenience stores

NORTH MIAMI, Fla.A group of burglars stole an ATM from a convenience store in North Miami and attempt to take another.

"These guys were very brazen," said North Miami Police Major Neil Cuevas.

Video showed two cars pull up to the KWIK STOP Food Store on Northwest 95th Street and 10th Avenue. The two cars pull up to the front door and then back in.

One man hooks a chain up to the door while another attaches his end to the bumper of one of the cars. Then a third man in the driver's seat hits the gas.

No luck. The chain gives way. It happens two more times.

The fourth time is the charm. The force pulls off the door, bends the frame of the front of the store, and smashes several windows. 

One of the men is then seen climbing under the bent frame and slides a thick yellow strap, like one used by moving companies, around the ATM. The other man attaches the strap to the chain, which is still hooked to the car.

The driver once again accelerates. Success. The entire machine is dragged through the door frame into the parking lot where the men lift the 200 pound machine and put it into the back seat of one of the cars. All this is going on as traffic is seen passing by.

"So many cars pass by and nobody call police. Surprising," said Tofail Mazumder, the store's owner. He saw the tape later that morning. "They don't have to stop. They just call 911."

A few minutes after they began their assault on the store, the two cars leave. Moments later, police arrive, answering the silent alarm.

But it's too late.

"They got away with $6,200," store manager Meed Hossain told Local 10 Crime Specialist John Turchin. "The damage to the store was much more - about $15,000."

The crime spree for these thieves wasn't over. Less than a half hour later, the same group in the same cars pull up to the Presidente Supermarket on 125th Street in North Miami. They repeat the process: they tear up the front of the store, but this time, the machine barely budges. 

"In this particular case, for whatever reason, they thought the car wasn't enough - a car that weighed several thousand pounds - and they were going to try to do it with bodily force," said Cuevas.

One of the men is seen walking toward the ATM,  located just inside the front door, then taking a running start and slamming his right shoulder into the machine. He didn't leave with any cash this time, just a very sore shoulder.

Police are hoping he needed some medical attention. They're also hoping Local 10 viewers recognize either the men or the cars they were driving, thought to be four-door Maximas, late 90s. One is gold; the other is white. The white one has extensive damage to the back end. The cars might have been stolen.