Did you see a 'fireball' in the sky?

Type of meteor reported Sunday evening

MIAMI – A fireball lit up the Florida sky on Sunday evening.

People from as far south as Key West and as far north as Jacksonville reported seeing the flash of light.

Accounts of the sighting came in around 6:45 p.m.

"There was a flash in the sky in Pompano Beach," wrote Jill Dexter.

Local 10's Terrell Forney reported he saw the fireball as well. Forney said he was heading north on the Florida Turnpike when the light caught his eye.

"It appeared to be some sort of firework at first glance, but there was a white streak in the air followed by some sort of...orange and green glow," said Forney. "And it literally disappeared in about 2 or 3 seconds."

Viewers took to Local 10's Facebook page to describe what they saw.

"I saw a small piece fall around Coconut Creek, it just burned out in front of me as I was getting starbucks," wrote Jimmy Somarriba.

"Whew. I saw this while outside talking with my son and his wife. I saw it go by while looking to the west.

Viewer Leon Heflin wrote, "I saw it. but it was too fast to take cell video..it was orange and turned green as it went down from north to south."

Others said it looked like a bright light and possibly a meteor.

Alina Reyes reported seeing "something similar in Broward by the 17th causeway."

Viewer Mike Kirkpatrick captured an image of the light.

Local 10's Michael Smith reported clear skies Sunday made it easy for us to see the fireball, which was essentially a very bright meteor. Several thousand occur daily, but mainly over oceans and unpopulated areas. Fireballs can leave a glowing trail, especially at night. It's possible that they can strike the Earth's surface.

On Friday, a sizeable meteor exploded over Russia, causing thousands of injuries and major damage to buildings.

Local 10 would like to hear your account of the so-called fireball. You can send your videos and images to share@local10.com.