50 State Security investigating Metrorail incident

Video shows Emma Anderson pulled off train


MIAMI – The private security company whose guard was caught on camera pulling an 82-year-old woman off a Miami-Dade County Metrorail train is investigating whether any company procedures were violated in the incident.

Cell phone video showed a 50 State Security guard pull Emma Anderson off the bus because she was singing a spiritual hymn. Her attorney filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Miami-Dade Transit's policies and procedures when dealing with the elderly.

The North Miami-based company received the county's $72 million transit security contract almost four years ago.

"Regrettably, because I understand your position and what you're trying to do, [I] cannot provide any information. It is under investigation," Lisa Allen, the vice president of 50 State Security told Local 10's Glenna Milberg

Court documents show Paul Barcines, a vice president of 50 State Security, outlined the company's use-of-force policy during deposition in an unrelated lawsuit against the company by another passenger who alleged he was roughed up by a Metrorail guard without provocation.

The armed guards are allowed to physically restrain patrons to defend themselves or others, according to Barcines' deposition.

The security guard has an excellent record as a security guard, according to the county. He has since been reassigned.