TRAX24 tracks people, cars in event of emergency

Bochicchio murders inspire new invention


BOCA RATON, Fla. – A potentially live-saving invention is the result of a life-shattering unsolved double murder.

In December 2007, Nancy Bochicchio and her 7-year-old daughter, Joey, went shopping for the holidays. When they left Boca's Town Center Mall, police believe they were carjacked, forced to withdraw cash from an ATM, and then handcuffed and shot to death.

More than five years later, the murders are still unsolved.

Boca Raton resident, Michele McCauly, noticed striking similarities between her life the Bochicchios..

"She was made to go to the Bank of America. That's my bank," said McCauley. "She had a black car. I had a black car. It could have been me and the five kids."

McCauly believes that a push of a button could have been the difference between life or death for the Bochicchio family.

"Chances are we could have changed the outcome of the crime because she was at the bank for four or five minutes trying to recall her number to withdraw money. It would have been great if she could have pushed the button and Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies could have gotten there," said McCauley.

Inspired by this revelation, McCauley created Trax24, a personal safety device that constantly tracks your GPS location and in the event of an emergency, a button notifies a central call station.

"The central station would hear exactly what's going on and police would be alerted," she said.

Trax24 can do nothing to bring back Nancy and Joey Bochicchio, but McCauley hopes it will prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

"Unfortunately, the technology wasn't there five years ago, but hopefully we can make a difference when someone is being abducted or being raped," McCauley said.

Trax24 sells for $149.95 and for a monthly fee, you can link it to either a cell phone or a central call station for emergency services.

For more information on Trax24 visit http://www.trax24.com/.