3 doctors operating Boca Raton pain clinic without license arrested

Officials say a 4th doctor remains at-large


PALM BEACH, Fla. – The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says three doctors have been arrested and another is at large after allegedly operating a Boca Raton pain clinic without a license.

According to a sheriff's office report, an investigation began after the Florida Department of Health received complaints that Henry J. Battagliola, Mark Cukierman, Kyin S. Ho and Edward Jose Mila Prats were allegedly operating the clinic without a license.

The clinic's license was revoked in 2010, but the investigation revealed that the doctors allegedly continued to provide prescription pain medication.

Officials said medical and medical business related documents for Boca East Pain Management were obtained throughout the investigation, which Battagliola owned.

Battagliola, Cukierman and Ho were arrested by authorities Thursday afternoon. Officials said Prats is still at large and has an active warrant out for his arrest.

The Palm Beach County Multi-Agency Diversion Task Force includes the county's sheriff's office, state attorney's office, police department and other agencies throughout the country.