Automatic budget cuts take toll at Miami International Airport

Sequestration cuts hurt ICE lines at MIA

MIAMI – Automatic budget cuts appear to be making an impact on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement lines at Miami International Airport.

Over the weekend, travelers complained of long lines because of short staffs. A viewer who arrived at the airport from Honduras Saturday said some American citizens waited in line roughly two hours. She said non-citizens probably waited about four hours.

"Over this weekend, we've experienced, at least on Saturday, we had really some long lines in the customs area," said Marc Henderson with Miami International Airport.

The cuts that went into effect March 1 means Customs and Border Protection agents can no longer receive overtime.

A report cited by Congress says up to 1,000 passengers at Miami International Airport are missing their connecting flights each day.

Danny Martinez, a driver for Worldwide Limo, said passengers seem to be taking longer.

"Normally, before, like half an hour, forty minutes at the most," he said. "Now it's like an hour and a half, hour and forty minutes, sometimes two hours."