Watertown man describes having home searched during manhunt


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A man living in Watertown, Mass., described having police officers search his apartment as they looked for one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

"It started around midnight last night with hearing gun shots and explosions," Jim Bonasoro told Local 10's Christina Vazquez. "It's sort of one of those things where you see it on TV and then all of a sudden you hear it outside. It's totally crazy."

Bonasoro said when he and his fiancé woke up Friday morning, their neighborhood looked like a war zone.

"There's police, state police, military everywhere. There's a Black Hawk helicopter in the sky," he said.

The neighborhood was locked down as authorities searched for Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who escaped an overnight shootout in Watertown with police that left his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev -- the other man wanted in the bombings -- dead.

"I was hoping we had enough food and there was enough beer in the fridge," said Bonasoro.

Bonasoro said two state police officers donning full tactical gear later searched his home.

"I went to my back door where they were coming up the steps. They had entered through the basement, through the side door, which was actually unlocked," he said. "They had their guns drawn, asked if anyone else was home. I opened the door, they made me put up my hands, asked me a couple of questions, cleared the house, and just moved on. They were professional but it did scare me and my fiancé."