Kidnapping, rape suspect held on no bond

Sayyid Khan accused of kidnapping woman using pellet gun


PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A 20-year-old man accused of kidnapping a woman and trying to rape her will be held on no bond, a Broward Circuit Court Judge ordered Wednesday.

Police arrested Sayyid Khan on Tuesday. He was charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, sexual assault with a weapon, and battery.

According to an arrest affidavit, Khan decided to kidnap and rape a stranger Tuesday. He took a large knife, a pellet gun, duct tape, gloves, and dressed in dark-colored clothing when he left his home.

"This was a completely random act," said Pembroke Pines Police Captain Al Xiques. "As a matter of fact, we learned later on during the statement that the suspect provided that he woke up that morning with the intent of raping someone."

Khan saw a woman driving on Pines Boulevard about 12:15 p.m. and he followed her to the entrance of the Falls of Pembroke Apartments at 400 NW 136th Avenue. He tailgated the woman into the gated complex and followed her to her home.

"As she exited her vehicle, he basically surprised her and he approached her at gunpoint and forced her into the vehicle," said Xiques. "At that time, she began screaming and her brother heard the screaming and came outside."

The woman's brother called 911 and provided a description of the car and the driver to police.

Khan drove away and headed north on Interstate 75 as the woman pleaded with him to let her go, police said. He picked up the knife as he drove.

Khan then stopped at Kings Manor Mobile Home Park at Flamingo Road and State Road 84 in Davie. He cut off a piece of duct tape and told her to cover her eyes with it, which she did.

Khan then told the woman to get into the back seat, where he joined her and said he was going to have sex with her. She fought with him until he held the pellet gun against her face.

When Khan got back into the driver's seat, the woman peeled the tape off her eyes and tried running away, police said. He hit the woman three times in the face with the gun, but she took it away from him.

The woman pulled the trigger but the gun didn't fire. Khan then ran away and hid in some landscaping. The woman ran away and called 911 from her cell phone.

Davie police officers who responded found the pellet gun, pieces of duct tape, and recovered surveillance video showing Khan's Buick Century pull in to and out of the Falls of Pembroke Apartments.

The woman identified Khan out of a photo lineup, said police.

Khan admitted to detectives that he planned to kidnap and rape the woman, according to the arrest affidavit.

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