Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem's home burglarized

Broward Sheriff's Office report shows burglars may have entered through side door of garage

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. – Broward Sheriff's Office deputies say Miami Heat center Udonis Haslem's home in Southwest Ranches was recently burglarized.

On Saturday, April 13, deputies were dispatched to Haslem's home after a burglary alarm was triggered about 9:47 p.m., according to the police report.

Once Haslem returned home about 10:25 p.m., deputies said he was able to unlock the front door and open it, where a suitcase was in the home's immediate entrance.

The suitcase was open and all of the clothes that were inside it had been pulled out and left on the floor, said deputies. Haslem advised that the suitcase was not like that when he left the home. After a search of the home with a K9 unit, deputies said no one was still inside the home.

According to the police report, in the master bedroom, the side table drawers were pulled out and ransacked, along with the drawers and shelves in both walk-in closets of the master bedroom.

A man's closet did not appear to be missing anything, but according to deputies, there were pry marks on a safe inside the closet, but entry was not gained.

Deputies said a woman's closet was also ransacked and had several purses and shoes missing from the shelves. However, according to the police report, these items were later found to be stuffed into black trash bags on the side of the master bed.

While conducting the search, deputies said the intruder may have entered side door of the garage by prying the lock and jamb area.

Deputies said the door frame was also damaged and is believed to be what may have activated the alarm. According to the police report, deputies said it is possible that a "look-out" alerted the burglaries and they exited through the rear of the property with the concealment of the surrounding hedge.

It remains unclear if any items were taken from the home. Haslem and his fiancé Faith Rein said they wish to prosecute criminally.

A technician from the alarm company repaired a faulty alarm sensor on the door that was broken into the day before the burglary, said BSO.

On April 4, while Miami Heat star Chris Bosh was out celebrating his birthday at a Morocco-themed party, police said thieves made off with about $340,000 in jewelry and cash from the player's Miami Beach home.

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