Police fatally shoot man near Miami Dade College North Campus

Miami-Dade police say man had firearm on bus, found grenade in hand


MIAMI – A man has been shot and killed by police after authorities say he arrived near a college campus with a firearm in his hand.

The incident began Saturday afternoon on a county bus traveling northbound on Northwest 27th Avenue. According to investigators, a passenger onboard the bus called 911, saying another passenger, the man, was brandishing a firearm.

Miami-Dade police said the man got off the bus on Northwest 113th Street and walked towards Miami Dade College's North campus.

Police confronted the man near the campus where at least one officer opened fire on him, killing him. Shortly after, police said they noticed the man had a grenade on him, causing them to evacuate the area.

A few minutes later, police said they were able to catch up to the county bus about two miles north. Police had everyone on the bus get off, fearing a bomb may have been left on board the bus.

The bomb squad came out and searched the transit bus for any possible explosives, which has been deemed safe. According to police, it was determined that the grenade was inoperative, more of a novelty item.

Detectives talked to the driver and passengers onboard the bus. The county sent a technician to retrieve surveillance video from aboard the bus that may have captured the man waving the gun around.

Miami Dade College Director of Communications Juan C. Mendieta said in a statement that the shooting has no connection to the campus.

"Just to be abundantly clear, the incident at North Campus was one that began elsewhere and merely ended at the Campus," said Mendieta. "There is also no impact to the Campus since it is closed and we are all at graduation today."

Mendieta adds that there is nothing about Saturday's incident that compromises the safety at the campus.