North Miami mayoral candidate touts endorsement from Jesus Christ

Anna L. Pierre is one of seven candidates vying to replace Andre Pierre

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – A mayoral candidate in North Miami claims she has received an endorsement from a higher power.

Campaign posters for Anna L. Pierre tout that she was endorsed by Jesus Christ.

"It's a spiritual endorsement. Why? Because everything I do I always get God involved," Pierre said.

Pierre, a registered nurse and 90s Creole-language pop star, said she prayed leading up to registering for her candidacy and received three signs that Jesus was her endorser.

"And what were those three things?," asked Local 10's Janine Stanwood.

"Well, I'm going to keep them private," Pierre said.

The divine backing did not bother people working for Lucie Tondreau, Pierre's opponent across the street.

"Well, listen, that's her opinion," said State Representative Daphne Campbell. "That's her belief. We have to respect that. She wants Jesus to endorse her, that's okay."

The North Miami mayoral race has been full of shenanigans.

Last week, candidate Jean Marcellus was punched in the face inside his own campaign headquarters by an acquaintance. Candidate and former mayor Kevin Burns said he's filed five police reports for stolen signs. Pierre said last month she was the target of voodoo spells.

"What I say to those people who don't believe in Jesus? I'm going to tell them that, whether or not you believe in Jesus or not, once I am elected mayor, I'm going to be the mayor for everybody," Pierre said.

Election day is Tuesday, May 14.