Grade-fixing scandal at Nova Law?

There's controversy brewing about a former employee at the Nova Southeastern University law school.

This morning the law school's dean, Thorny Steele, confirmed that he had learned of allegations that the former faculty assistant had been accused of changing grades for law students in exchange for cash. But Steele said there was no investigation into the matter and that he had no intention of starting one based on "rumors." He also insisted the faculty assistant, whose name is being withheld at this time, recently left the employ of NSU on his own volition for reasons that had nothing to do with any allegations. "We have no idea where this stuff is coming from," said Steele, who refused to appear on camera.

Listening to the dean, it sounded like there was nothing to it at all. But then I checked with Davie police and learned that on May 13, the school's public safety coordinator, Michael Walsh, reported that the "heads at the law school" had met with the faculty assistant and suspended him pending "further investigation and inquiries by NSU's Human Resources," according to a police report. The police officer gave the faculty assistant a trespass warning to stay off campus "until Human Resources determines if he will continue employment at NSU."

Sounds more serious than Dean Steele's version. I knocked on the ex-faculty assistant's door today with no luck. Planning to dig deeper and will update with any new information we get.